Keeping Your Inbox Safe, One Email At A Time
Keeping Your Inbox Safe, One Email At A Time

What is AnteSpam?

AnteSpam stops most spam and dangerous email BEFORE it takes up your time and exposes you to phishing ransomware/cryptoware.


  • Stops unwanted email before it gets to your server
  • Default settings detect most spam and almost all viruses
  • Customizable threshold and additional filters for spam sensitivity
  • Block/pass lists for specific addresses, entire domains, or subject line text


  • Sign up, change domain DNS MX record, and then read your email
  • AnteSpam has no software to install or update
  • Compatible with any Internet email server or email client
  • Flexible to handle your growing business needs


  • Operates from a secure Internet data center
  • AnteSpam uses a redundant server cluster to accommodate loads
  • Internet access via major Internet backbones
  • If your email server is unreachable, AnteSpam will hold and automatically deliver your
    email when your server is back up

How AnteSpam Works

Antespam’s first step in protecting you from spam is via our reputation monitoring of various email servers.

Poorly behaving ones are temporarily blocked, an action which often leads to spam servers stopping their attempts to connect.

Once an email has been accepted by our servers, the email is immediately scanned for viruses and dangerous attachments. Emails which contain confirmed viruses are discarded while dangerous attachment emails are sidelined for manual review.

After that, emails are compared to a domain’s/address’s block and pass lists. Any emails which match are either blocked and sent to the AnteSpam sideline or passed on to the inbox, skipping the spam filters. Emails which don’t match the block or pass lists are then subjected to spam testing and those which score above the user-set threshold will be sidelined instead of being sent to the address inbox.