The 7 Types of Phishing Emails to Watch Out For

Most malicious phishing emails work by trying to get the reader to take action (usually either clicking a link to a website or opening an attachment). This is by far the most common tactic we see on a daily basis at AnteSpam. What does it take to motivate someone to take […]

Ebbinghaus and the Fight Against Phishing

Once you learn something, it doesn’t take long for you to start forgetting it. Over time, you lose knowledge and memories. It is common sense. You know the show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?  It is based on the whole idea that “everyone” learned this in school, but […]

Why AnteSpam’s “On-the-Job” Phishing Simulations Are Better

When training personnel, it is tempting to distribute instructional material or bring in an expert to teach in the conference room. Unfortunately, these methods of instruction often remove people from the situations where real world skills in which they are being instructed are actually used. On the other hand, simulations […]

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Employees May Sue Regarding Phishing Scam

Why is phishing email awareness and training so important for you and for your employees? Because, in some circumstances, if an employee is tricked into revealing personal information in response to a phishing email, the employer may be on the hook for treble damages. Curry, et al. v. Schletter, Inc. […]

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What is Phishing?

One of the main dangers to companies today is the loss of their private customer information and with that, the trust of their customers. Phishing is the practice of pretending to be a trustworthy or familiar person or organization, to in order to have the victim take some action.  Phishing […]

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What is AnteSpam?

AnteSpam stops most spam and dangerous email BEFORE it takes up your time and exposes you to phishing ransomware/cryptoware.